The purpose of the project is the creation of a multimedia product to provide Bluetooth games for mobile phones. It incorporates the Mobile Message Passing Interface Library to achieve the inter-device communication.

The games provided for in the project are divided into two categories. The categories include Education and a Strategy based game.

The educational games are based on mathematics and look to the subject area of Algebra. To date, there are no such games available for mobile devices. There is significant potential for a large scale impact on education when combining mobile devices with appropriate educational applications. Such applications can be used to complement existing teaching methods while overcoming existing classroom culture, empowering both the student and the teacher on different levels. Therefore the games offer a new and novel approach to Bluetooth gaming.

The Strategy game provides a fun game to be played over a piconet network. There has to date been few such games developed for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones. The incorporation of the MMPI library into the game development significantly reduces the amount of coding required to create a Bluetooth environment. In respect to this and the scarcity of such games on the market, this game shows a novel approach.

Both game types will be written in Java as specified for the Java 2 Micro Edition.