Analysis of current developments in social networking and cyber-spatial community behaviours show that users of the World Wide Web are acting on an increasing desire to share aspects of their lives with the world. The proliferation of tools and services capitalising on this trend has led to higher expectations for interactivity in media-rich online environments. Meanwhile, virtual globe technology and the georeferencing of resources are changing the way we organise and discover information. The work involves the design and development of a Web application that allows its users to express themselves by sharing photographs in a socially driven 3D environment, thereby creating a collaborative representation of the real world and their experiences thereof. The approach to the development looked at existing Web applications that featured elements similar to those in the design concept, then evaluated the various technologies to be used. The development process automated the placement of photographs into the 3D virtual globe environment, and created on online user interface to consolidate the application features. The application was positively received during user testing. The work resulted in a useful contribution to the field of socially engaged, media-rich online communities.