This project was designed to provide a novel, creative way for people new to the game of Rugby Union to learn the fundamental skills and principles of the game. A learning resource web-site was developed consisting of five sections each dealing with different aspects of the game. These multi-media resources were created, applied and evaluated, with the intention of providing an effective educational experience and promoting a desire to get actively involved in the game as a player, coach, referee or spectator. This aim and final piece of practical work was achieved through three main methods:

1. Analysis of current methods for current rugby-related multimedia applications/resources. This analysis was conducted by critically evaluating current online services and through researching of media literature such as books, web journals and various websites.

2. Utilisation of multimedia software tools to create high quality alternative ways of introducing rugby to people interested in getting involved in the game.

3. Creation of usable and interactive multimedia resources to explain the fundamental aspects of the game. The Internet was chosen as the platform for these resources. The overall implementation of the project was achieved through a database-driven website along with the use of web programming languages and technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SVG, XML, PHP and streaming video.

The thesis concludes with an evaluation of its findings and a discussion of how it could be developed further into a web portal for Rugby Union education.