This Thesis serves to document the process of investigating, designing, and implementing a multimedia application that will explain the complexities of the Irish Electoral System.

The multimedia application will consist of four main sections administration, educational, candidate and constituency and general website section. The educational and candidate constituency section utilises Macromedia Flash 8 to give the user a more responsive and visually appealing experience.

The educational section has a few components; one of the components follows an election count in its entirety and explains what happens after each count. The constituency used for this example was Cork North Central. After the constituency example was completed I decided to include a separate component to explain the complexities of surplus transfers. The last component of the educational section explains various terms associated with the Irish electoral system an example would be proportional representation.

The candidate and constituency section lists all the declared candidates and brief details about the constituencies. The candidate and constituency section was initially the main section of the multimedia project but after consultation and research it became clear that this area was well serviced by various websites, as a result the focus for the multimedia project changed. The focus changed to priorities the educational component.

The administration section is used to maintain the database that contains the constituency and candidate details. The administration section is password protected as a result no design issues were involved, as the administrator will only view this section. The general website contains components that users are familiar with a home page describing what the website is about and an easy to use navigational system.