The aim of this project is to produce an interactive educational CD about the Irish Examiner company utilising multimedia technologies. The Irish Examiner company produces a daily, national, broadsheet newspaper, 'The Irish Examiner', and various weekly supplements. The CD provides educational material in order to enable users to gain a greater understanding of the daily publishing of a national broadsheet newspaper. The market for the CD is primary, secondary and third level students and any member of the public interested in the newspaper company.

The fundamental parts of this project are:

1. An introduction to the new Irish Examiner offices at City Quarter, Lapps Quay, including video footage and photographs of the office internally, externally and views from the fourth floor.

2. An interactive office layout detailing the different departments within the company highlighting the company structure and the various careers available.

3. An interactive 24-hour production timeline.

4. An animation which follows the course of one story from a news event to appearing on page one of the Irish Examiner.

5. An interactive history timeline which emphasises a few key dates since the first Irish Examiner was published in 1841 and includes a few slide shows of photographs from the archives of the Irish Examiner.

6. An educational section where the user can try out a few different jobs such as designing a front page of the Irish Examiner, writing an eye-catching headline for the front page or selecting the best picture for page one. Each of the sections are interactive where the user can check their result and then compare their choices to the original Irish Examiner front page.