In a large and busy web site, like a news-based application, a Content Management System(CMS) is usually employed to ease the processing of the ever-changing data.

The objective of this project is to integrate the Web and the database. We apply the idea of a CMS in order to build an interactive and a social-based animal photo episode.

We have catered for 3 types of access in the project. The general users will be given normal browsing and searching services. We provide an account system for the registered members to manage their own photo episode data, and an "Adminstrator" to overlook the access of live contents in the black end.

Overall speaking, we are programming in 4 or 5 different languages. PHP is the main portion of the project's application logic, MySQL is used for data accessing and manipulation, JavaScript to perform basic web-related dynamic functions, HTML for the static page elements, and the Web protocal HTTP for external data exchanges.

Altogether, we would like to construct a simple and yet effective interactive web application system.