Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand will unleash a devastating lahar (volcanic mud flow) in the near future, potentially within months, as water levels continue to rise within it's Crater Lake. The aim of this project is to advertise this impending event and educate about it's damaging potential.

This project sets out to create and utilise a digital model of Mount Ruapehu, to simulate and display probable volcanic events, namely lahars, on Mount Ruapehu and to then publicise this work. Further information of benefit to the understanding of this particular location, such as video footage, as well as seismic data and active web camera data is also to be incorporated. The publication of this information, via website, is intended to further understanding of external earth processes, as well as raising interest about the subject matter.

Currently there is no single resource that combines these features or attempt to visually simulate the lahar process in 3D. This project offers the user not only the opportunity to view the 3D lahars and a 3D model of Mount Ruapehu, but will also allow the ability to move around the scene and focus in on a particular area.