This piece of work is an interactive tool for Chemistry instrumentation at Leaving Certificate level. First year Chemistry students will also fine a useful section on Atomic absorption Spectrometry. The user is given the opportunity to interact with the application.

Introductory sound tracks to each section, short videos and help dialog boxes are also available within the application.

An online Database is also included for feedback purposes as well as for additional resources on the subject.

It is ideal for a lab run-throughs, demonstrations, pre-lab work, and labs that otherwise could not be performed due to time constraints or hazards. Emphasize is placed on the critical principles and techniques of experimental chemistry.

The interactive quiz at the end of each part tests the user's knowledge and understanding of what these experiments are about and also to identify the sections that need to be reviewed.

This project aims at providing an interactive resource which promotes higher order thinking skills. It provides students with an in-depth study of three Leaving Cert Chemistry Experiments.