LapTrain is a simulation-type computer game that aims to aid in the training of surgical students. It is designed to provide a practice facility for the Laparoscopic Cholesystectomy procedure. The ultimate aim of LapTrain was to develop a multi-platform, lightweight, user-friendly surgical training tool that possesses all of the motivational (fun) attributes of a computer game that will assist in the training of the LapChole procedure.

The motivation behind designing this system derives from the fact that new EU regulations have placed restrictions on the hours that a surgeon can work in a week, thus limiting the amount of practical experience that the surgeon can accumulate.

The system was designed under the premise that computer gaming instils in the students an inherent motivation to succeed and improve. The game was implemented using the Torque Game Engine, the engine will handles such fundamental 3D game programming concepts as user input, graphics rendering, viewports, camera, audio rendering, event handling, physics of the environment and the individual components that make up the virtual world, thus allowing the designer to focus on principles such as interface design and game logic.