My project is an interactive card game called Two Large. It is based loosely on a Chinese card game called Big 2 though it differs in most of the rules. Implemented in Java it provides the user with the ability to play games against computer generated players of three different skill levels, beginner, average and expert. Users will also be able to play against other human players using the Internet as a medium through a client/server architecture. The website has a database backend that records details about the members of the site, records statistics (games won, total points etc…) and allows user to upload an avatar for use in the application. A live messaging service is included as part of the application. Due to the fact that it is a new game there is an extensive help function describing how to use the application and play the game. Also, there is context specific, in game help that is deployed both visually and audibly (using text-to-speech synthesis). Both the application and the web site where it will be available for download conform to accessibility standards so any person with a disability that can use a computer will be able to use the application.