In the sphere of medical education, e-learning is rapidly becoming a significant channel by which information is delivered to students who are constrained by time and geography.

Advances in computer and web technology have created the potential for sophisticated immersive simulations using images, audio, animation and video to create more interactive, multi-sensory learning experiences for surgeons.

Surgent harnesses the latest web technologies of ASP.NET 2.0 and AJAX by constructing an information portal for surgeons, whereby users can access a broad range of fully updateable multimedia options such as images, podcasts, videos, QuickTimeVR along with RSS news feeds, books and case studies.

Surgent addresses the medical student’s dilemma of information overload by determining the user’s area of interest based on choices made and then by directing the most relevant material to the user as recommendations.

The System incorporates the strengths of other web services such as and using SOAP and RSS to guide user to the most relevant books and news feeds.

The System also facilitates and encourages collaborative learning as users can interact with an online community.

Users are also enabled to test their critical thinking skills in fully updatable, realistic, case studies, whereby the user’s performances are evaluated on an individual and group basis.