This project is developed to build a mathematics graphics drawing tool in both 2D and 3D spaces. The objective of this program is to help maths learning especially analytic geometry learning, and constructing accurate interactive maths graphics for maths research.

In the 2D maths graph drawing tool, eleven maths graphics are developed. It includes two kinds of points, straight line, rectangle, three kinds of circle, tangent lines, and bisector line. Each of them could be created and selected by mouse action. The detail attributes of each graph object are presented and could be modified by corresponding input component. A current canvas could be saved in three kinds of formats; they are JPEG, PNG, and File. A saved image with extension File can be loaded on canvas for editing again. To achieve that, objects serialization is applied.

The 3D geometry visualization tool is aimed to build accurate 3D geometries. There are six geometries in the library, which are sphere, cone, box, cylinder, point and line. Keyboard action is used to navigate in the virtual world. A set of virtual coordinate system is built as reference.

Two simplified applets are developed, which have the same library as the 2D drawing tool. For further work, the applets could be added with more interactive features and published on internet for more wide use.