is a website which allows users to create an online documentary production on any topic they wish.

After signing up and becoming a member, users are directed to their personal home page . This page contains the top rated productions and lists their own and their favourite documentary productions.

To create a documentary production users may upload general information about their documentary e.g. title, brief description, the specific object etc. Then they may upload a series of questions in text and a series of video clips of an individual answering each question.

Along with the video footage of each answer, any number of three related images, scanned documents, audio clips, video clips plus some text may be uploaded. The aim is to provide the user with plenty different forms of media through which they can convey each answer effectively. Users may upload as many questions and answers in their documentary as they wish. They may also create as many productions as they wish.

Productions may then be shared with friends, family and all other site members. Users may search and browse through other members documentaries. They can search for a documentary by tag, top rated, title, author in a certain age group or specific object. Users may add a documentary production to their favourites list and they can rate or give a tag to a documentary.

There is also a categorised help section where users can refer to at any stage if needed.