This project is an application for students learning English in the UCC Language Centre. It is designed to compliment the materials in the Language Centre using multimedia elements. The application includes:

1. Information on several areas of grammar and vocabulary suitable for an intermediate level English student as well as multiple choice quizzes on each of these sections.

2. Level tests to measure the progress of the student.

3. An audio section to test the aural skills of the student. This includes testing the student's knowledge of antonyms.

4. A progress report where the student can see a visual representation of their cumulative scores in the various quizzes and tests. The application is designed with a student that is new to Ireland in mind and includes a video tour of UCC and the Language Centre and a special section explaining and testing Irish idioms.

The application is written almost entirely in Java and uses XML to store data such as the questions, scores and information. The progress reports are produced using SVG with some Javascript used for the interactive elements of the reports.