CS 7400 - Digital Audio

General Information

Lecturer: David Murphy

Office: Brighton Villas No 1-2 (first floor)
Tel: 490 3579
Email: d.muprhy@cs.ucc.ie
URL: http://www.cs.ucc.ie/staff/dmurphy.html
Contact Hours: To be decided...


Deadline Percent Points
Assignment Term 1 TBD... 5 % 10
Written Test (end of Term 1)   10 % 20
Assignment Term 2 TBD... 15 % 30
Summer Exam   70 % 140

The due dates of assignment are strict and any delay will cause penalties (10 % a day). Assignments should be done individually and plagiarism will be punished (at least 50% penalty). Assignments should be announced at least four weeks before their deadlines.


The aim of this course is to give the student a detailed review of the various concepts, processes, and technologies used in computer sound.

  • Sampling Theory
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Sound Recording, Editing and Post-Production
  • Speech Synthesis, Processing, and Recognition
  • MIDI Language and Protocol
  • Sound Synthesis
  • Compression Techniques for Sound (e.g. MP3)
  • Sound for DVD and DVD-A
  • Sound and JavaScript
  • Java Sound API

Required References:

  • Francis Rumsey (2001) The Audio Workstation Handbook, Focal Press.

Recommended References:

  • Ken. C. Pohlmann (1995) Principals Of Digital Audio,, McGraw Hill.
  • Curtis Roads (1996) The Computer Music Tutorial, MIT Press.
  • David M. Howard and James Angus (1996) Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Focal Press.