CS 7200 - The Web

General Information

Lecturer: John O'Mullane

Office: 116D Kane (Science) Building
Tel: 490 2142
URL: http://www.cs.ucc.ie/staff/jomullane.html
Contact Hours: Mon-Wed 12-1


Deadline Percent Points
Assignment Term 1 Week 10 10 % 20
Assignment Term 2 Week 12 20 % 40
Summer Exam   70 % 140

The due dates of assignment are strict and any delay will cause penalties (10 % a day). Assignments should be done individually and plagiarism will be punished (at least 50% penalty). Assignments should be announced at least four weeks before their deadlines.


The aim of this course is to provide an introduction to the variety of technologies used in delivering multimedia content on the World Wide Web.

  • Internet Architecture
  • Web Standards
  • Web Applications
  • Interactive Web-based Multimedia
  • Multimedia Streaming Applications

Recommended Texts

  • Fundamentals of Multimedia (International Edition) by Ze-Nian Li, Mark Drew 013127256X (Paperback) Oct 2003, 576 pages
  • Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman 0735712018 (Paperback) June 2003, 456 pages

Recommended References: (in the library)

  • Charles F. Goldfarb The XML handbook
  • Deitel & Deitel Internet and World Wide Web : how to program