CS 1800 - Media Production

General Information

Lecturer: Stephen Bean

Office: Brighton Villas No 1-2 (second floor)
Tel: 490 2477
Email: s.bean@cs.ucc.ie
URL: http://www.cs.ucc.ie/staff/sbean.html
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  • Image presentation.
  • Composition, Form and Function.
  • Visual Rhythm.
  • Vectors.
  • Motion Theory.
  • Time-code.
  • Picture space.
  • Aspect ratios, frame size and Resolution.
  • Principles of Animation.
  • Key Applications.
  • Identify the relevant parts of computer Hardware and software.
  • Set up and operate the equipment, keyboard short cuts.

Required references:

  • "Motion Graphics'. Trish and Chris Meyer". ISBN 0-87930-606-8
  • "Sight Sound and Motion, Applied Media Aesthetics". Prof. Herbert Zettl. ISBN 0-534-52677-2

Recommended books:

  • "The Animation Book". Kit Laybourne
  • "Digital Video Production". Ohio books